Detailed Course Exploration

Details of the topics within and connections between courses

We examine a large range of topics, shared across a total of 10 open source courses. Our intention was that these would cover the most important skills in becoming a Data Scientist.

Within this page, the courses are considered as a graph structure where topics learnt sit within a course and these topics can be connected to similar or identical topics in other courses.

The following section allows exploration of topics learnt within each course.
Example skills, spanning across different courses, can be selected to highlight the learning progression. The user can also examine the content freely by clicking on the nodes to change the view.

Shared Connections

Each course was chosen to address a specific skill within the all emcompassing field of data science, with particular attention paid to areas where we had less experience. As such courses were chosen to be distinct, however important ideas spanned across these course boudaries.

Scrolling down allows exploration of the connections between courses.