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Sabine Crevoisier

I am just a scientist who works with data. I enjoy predicting the unknown, I love to code, and I like creating pretty things. In the past, as an engineer, I have modelled reservoirs and fluids; recently I worked with a quantified self startup, interpreting people's usage data. When not on my Mac, I'm learning new languages, eating something that's 'the best', or camping.

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Github / crevoisiersabine

Fraser Campbell

I'm a Data Scientist interested in both Machine Learning and Visualisation. When not working I should be climbing outdoors but will definitely be craving a 'flat white'. Previously I worked as an Analytics Consultant modelling business problems; more recently I've been training computers to learn about human emotions with the exciting start-up CrowdEmotion.

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Github / fraser-campbell

Machine Learning Projects:

Photo Credit of Tee, Graph Cafe